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The Power Of Clarity To Start The Year

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Last year was ROUGH.


Going into next year I feel READY.

After a traumatic birth and post partum everything lol, I felt so anxious, insecure and confused about what this next stage of my life would hold.

Caught in a whirlwind shit storm in my mind, I remember having the absolutely devastating thought, “Maybe the best part of my life is behind me.”

And THEN I remember with RAZOR sharpness that moment last January, immediately after that thought when I felt defiance to it, rise up in my soul and I said to myself - I WILL NOT LET THAT BE TRUE.

And I remember looking at the year ahead and with more conviction than I’ve ever felt before, I became crystal clear.

And I said to myself last January, “This year I want to find:”




And I felt a determination inside me like never before - I was going to find those things and live with those things no matter what I had to do.

And as it works when you set a whole hearted intention, the universe aligned to bring everything into my life that I needed for that journey.

It wasn’t always easy but MAN it’s been worth while. What I found was the final piece of the puzzle and lead to Anxiety Schmanxiety, which has been one of the most absolutely fulfilling experiences of my life.

And now, stepping into the next decade, I have never felt more CLEAR and more READY in all my life.

Grateful for that breakdown that lead to this breakthrough.

Grateful for alignment.

Grateful for the people who played such important roles on this journey.

This year, realizing how powerful clarity and intention is at the start of every year, I did an exercise that helped me get clarity and massive momentum going into this new year.

Its been so powerful for me that I would love to share this with you if you think this is something that would serve your journey.

If it is, send me an email and let me know so I can send you the link- - I’m inviting you to a group call I’ll be hosting to share this technique with you and help you work through any blocks you have with it❤

See you on the inside my love! So excited about this year ahead for us! The power is ours!



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