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If you struggle with anxiety,

 It is NOT because you are some substandard human being and something is wrong with your brain. It is because you have super awesome, superpowerful, superhuman personality traits: Things like hyper-intelligence, crazy powerful drive, you’re creative, you’re intuitive, you’re empathetic - you can feel and understand people so deeply. The thing is you’re not managing your mind and your body in the way your mind and your body intended to be managed, and so these things are manifesting as a side effect of anxiety. But this means that you are NOT your anxiety. You ARE these superhuman traits! And if you just manage your mind and your body in the way it intended to be managed, you can step into this person you know you’re here and meant to be, and it will automatically release that anxiety. 

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You can change the way you think. You can be anxiety free. You can control your mind.

And it can be fun, easy and sustainable.

Get ready to leave the BS behind! There is a new way of existing, where you live with so much peace and joy, empowered to create and live the life you choose to - and the universe has brought you here right now for this reason. 

So I created Anxiety Schmanxiety

where we are dedicated to 3 crucial things


 Changing the public narrative on anxiety and mental health from one that is debilitating and depressing to one that is uplifting and empowering! Because first of all, the concept that you’re subhuman or that something is wrong with you, couldn’t be farther from the truth (check out my Anxiety Schmanxiety perspective). AND, telling someone that bs becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, and people’s lives get wasted when that should never have been the case! It prevents people from getting past what’s really causing their anxiety, stepping into this incredible version of themself and creating a life they’re just so damn in love with! - And everyone, EVERYONE deserves that!


Providing natural solutions to help you get complete control of your anxiety. Solutions that deal with the root cause of your anxiety and not just the symptoms. Natural solutions that stand on their own or work as an excellent compliment to meds. Meds can help ease the symptom, but they’re simply not solving the problem for so many of us - as was the case for me. It’s like taking a pain killer for a broken leg, it’s wonderful to have that option - but you’ll never be able to walk well if you don’t fix what’s causing the pain. 


Give you back control of your mind, so you can use all of your mind and energy to create the beautiful life you’re here and meant to live! You get to a point where managing your mind isn’t exhausting and tiring and feeling like a never ending treadmill. I share techniques that help you rewire your mind so you can change the way you naturally think! The technique helps you reprogram your mind, release your anxiety and it completely amps up your manifestation powers. More manifestation, more happiness, much much less anxiety.

Conquer Your Anxiety,


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