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Meet Krystal

Entrepreneur, Author, Mom and Motivational Speaker

Is your anxiety holding you back from being the amazing you you’re meant to be? 


Girl, I hear that like woah. I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Chronic Depression when I was 14. 


Fourteen! As if small boobs and not being allowed to wear make up to school wasn’t enough of a struggle. 


Doctor’s told me that I was 9 on a scale to 10 and that I needed to be medicated for life and that with medication and lifestyle changes the best I could expect to be was a 7. 


Well, I was apparently already clinically depressed but that was pretty damn depressing if you ask me! 


That was a tough pill to swallow. 

Happiness is an

inside job

So I Didn't.

Because even though it seemed gloomy because that’s what the ‘experts’ and the medical professionals we’re telling me, there was one thing that I had that was bigger than that diagnosis. 

It Was Hope.

Hope to live the most fulfilling life I could imagine, filled with joy and adventure and everything I wanted - but especially a natural state of being that was just - happy. 


And that hope took me FAR. And if you’re reading this, yours is about to too! It’s already brought you here! 


Use my mind for me and not against me.

Love the person I was.

Feel confident, clarity and calm.

To get complete control of my mind and my life!

To stop wasting my energy on stupid BS and use it ALL to create the most fulfilling life imaginable.

And this led me
on an incredible journey...

In search of what would cure my anxiety and depression. And what I found, changed my life to the point where I’ve been off all meds for over 8 years and I live in a state of nearly zero anxiety daily. 


And it changed thousands of other’s lives too, through my book, “What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?!” 


And what reader’s connected to the most was my journey with overcoming anxiety. What I heard most was that:


  • My story made them feel unalone. 

  • It gave them hope. 

  • It made them feel empowered to change their lives

  • It gave them straightforward tools to do just that, from someone who actually got what they were going through.


And I knew my life’s work was about supporting people, just like me, to find what I spent 20 years finding. 

Today I help free countless people from anxiety so they can live the happy fulfilling lives that are their birthright to lead. On average people say they start the program at a 9, and before it's over they're at a 2, and it gets better with time. 

I'd be honored to take that journey with you! Click the Anxiety Schmanxiety tab or the button below for more information!  

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