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Client Success

Jessica Rodriguez

Soul Sister and Entrepreneur

This program has all you'll ever need. Krystal brings a joy and a love to the kind of heaviness that we know anxiety to be. She very quickly turned Anxiety Schmanxiety into a family and I think that that was one of the most transformational aspects of the whole experience. The kind of transformation is limitless when you have that kind of support. 

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Melissa T

Brilliant Soul and Entrepreneur

 I signed up for Anxiety Schmanxiety to learn natural and practical ways for managing my high anxiety. What I recieved was so much more. Krystal has a genuine and heartfelt approach. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she attracts only the most beautiful of spirits to her community. 

[Krystal’s] course material is both engaging and intelligent with a special quirkiness that only she could bring. Throughout the course, I felt supported, understood and empowered, both by Krystal and the community she created. I am grateful to have taken this journey, and will continue to refer to the course modules and tools as guides in my daily practice.

Ashley Beaty

 Incredibly Special Soul and Educator

Anxiety Schmanxiety has been one of the greatest gifts I could have given myself. Krystal’s enthusiasm, bubbly-ness and genuine compassion helped me see the best in myself. Overall, my mind is calmer and the world is clearer. I am on the path to realizing my potential and living a life with purpose, passion and control.

Krystal Chong 3 (Photo cred Clare Cusack

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Katrina Baylis

Joyful Soul and Cancer Conqueror

If there was one word I would use to describe Anxiety Schmanxiety - it would be POWERFUL. It brought unity, growth, happiness, and change for every single person who participated. I feel like an arrow who's been pulled forward ready to be catapulted into the next chapter and it's exciting! 

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Khytie Brown

Powerful Soul and Harvard PhD

One of the major things I’ve learned is you CAN have a joyous life where anxiety is not the norm for you but the anomaly. And that’s been a life-changing thing for me with Krystal’s program.


When I started the program I was at about a 9.5 with my anxiety, and now I’m happy, happy, happy to report that I’m at a level 2 or less. And when I do experience waves of emotions it just dissipates, and I work through it alot more quickly. I’ve found a deeper centeredness within myself. Going through the journey with a community that you can share things with has been a remarkable experience - it’s been amazing to have that extra support.


Krystal is just truly phenomenal and I’d recommend this program to anyone.


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Kaley K

Adventurous Soul and Dental Health Professor

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Anxiety Schmanxiety is absolutely amazing! You really come out so much stronger. Krystal makes everything so much fun. In her mini-lectures, you learn so much and they're very scientific-based. It's an unbelievable program, everyone could benefit from it!

Samantha Gradilone

Magnetic Soul and NYC Stylist

Anxiety Schmanxiety helped to simplify my daily life and routines, and it started with baby steps. It wasn't overwhelming; it was a lot of work but it was well thought out and hit every part of life. It was all encompassing and educational -  looking at Anxiety in a holistic manner.

Anxiety Schmanxiety was a GODSEND. I haven’t had to take a single Xanax since I did the program. It made me excited about life, it gave me so much clarity and that’s allowed me to manifest so many things I’ve wanted for so long! Life is always a journey, but now I feel empowered for that journey.

- Shircara Stewart

  Destined Soul and Tech Executive

Shircara Stewart 2.png

 I’ve never completed a course with such ease and joy, especially for a topic that can be considered “heavy.”  Krystal posts a new lesson and meditation each week and it’s kind of like Christmas morning – unwrapping a new gift that would help me understand and then better manage anxiety!

- Sharene Mamby

  Connected Soul and Investment Firm Manager

Samantha J

Life Loving Soul and Endodontist

Anxiety-Schmanxiety presented itself to me at a time that I was undergoing a lot of change. I was stressed and drained of all my energy. I have to admit, it was not easy fitting this course into my busy life especially at that time, but oh how GRATEFUL I am that I did. Committing to this course, I managed to prioritize myself and put in the self care I was lacking, even if it was at the crack of dawn. I learned how to meditate, something I have never been able to connect with before. I was able to connect on such a deep level with other like-minded people. I received all the tools I needed to start living my best life.

Now, after having taken this course and put in the work, I am so damn proud to say that although I am busier than ever, I am more energized, more alive and more joyful than I could have ever imagined. I am entering 2020 with so much clarity and purpose as I continue to find my alignment and tap into my true self. I will be forever grateful for Krystal and her course for helping me achieve this and supporting me on this journey. 

Before the program, I lived in a near constant state of anxiety and had trouble trusting my inner wisdom, always second-guessing my decisions. I learned so much from Krystal and am truly grateful for the amazing impact that she's and the other participants had on my life. She helped me take my anxiety from an 8 to a 2, and tap into my higher self and my inner wisdom. I can genuinely say I have gained self-acceptance throughout this journey and I believe that's the greatest gift of all. Thank you Krystal for being you!!


Gentle soul and School Counsellor. 


I feel liberated after Anxiety Schmanxiety. This program will continue to change lives and show people that anxiety doesn't have to be accepted, it doesn't have to be a way of life. This journey has been incredibly rewarding and I cannot thank Krystal enough for what it has done for me. In 8 weeks it took my anxiety from a 9 to a 3 and will keep improving. The most valuable aspect of the program is that you get relevant, clear, science-backed information plus practical useful resources that help in everyday life.

I was struggling with severe anxiety, panic attacks and mild depression before the Anxiety Schmanxiety program. The program showed me that these struggles I had don’t define me as a person. 


I actually went to outpatient therapy three times and although I learned a lot I felt like it was more forceful and intrusive and required me to take medication to get better. Krystal’s program has transformed my life for the better, meds-free. My anxiety has moved from a 10 to a 2 and I had a support group that was like a family. 


Loving Soul and Mama of 4


Learning from Krystal really put a positive spin on things that I’ve never experienced from any counselor or doctor. I really really enjoyed her modules and looked forward to them each week! 


As a result, I learned helpful tricks and tips as well as all-around lifestyle changes to help ease anxiety. 


To anyone looking for help with anxiety, I recommend this program 10000%! It’s truly changed my life for the better and I don’t think of anxiety as a life sentence any longer. Thank you, Krystal!


Kind Soul and Technical Project Manager

When I saw the program - I was a bit skeptical because I thought, if a doctor can't help me - what can a holistic approach really do for me?! 

This program has changed my life in only 8 weeks and not just in the moment - but permanently. Krystal leads with her heart and her soul. I am lighter, happier, anxiety controlled. All without medication! There is no price tag to what I have taken from this program. If you stumbled here - it is because you were supposed to. Embrace it! 

- Samantha Cedeno


My biggest take away was gaining a better awareness of my own mind, my thoughts and emotions and how they affect me.


I am able to be more present in the moment. I learned life skills I can use to allow my thoughts and time to best serve me. For that, I am forever grateful.

- Alexis W


Blooming Soul and Pathology Assistant

White Feather

This is a community of people who are kind and caring and have your back and will listen. The support is immense.

- Eva A

Wendy Rivera.jpeg

Anxiety Schmanxiety was the best decision that I made in my life. I was able to see my true self, living my life fully, enjoying every minute without complaining and just feeling blessed about having what I have.

- Wendy R

And Many More!

Krystal is so relatable, so honest, so perfectly flawed in her openness.....and absolutely hilarious!

Christelle Harris

 Krystal has a real talent for discussing serious things in a light, non-threatening way. She takes you on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth and finding your passion while breaking the classic societial expectations and choosing your own path.

Zhanna Dijkstra

Oh boy did I get a lot from Krystal. She covers everything with her pointers, examples and experiences on how to be a better person.


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