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Do You Want To Do Great Things With Your Life, But Wonder If You Will?

Updated: Jan 7

Hello my love.

If you see others doing incredible things and feel a little intimidated - then I wrote this for you..

If you see them doing amazing things in the world and with their lives and want to as well, but wonder how you can, or if you ever will - then I wrote this for you... 

If you're wondering if you can actually release the hold anxiety has on you (and if it can be done in 8 weeks) - then.... I wrote this for you...


Excerpt from this post:

I wanted to share incase you’re holding back or afraid to do something your heart is calling you to. I’ve been on this journey toward meaningful work for over 7 years and I’ve seen so many people doing so many incredible things. And I wanted to too, but I felt that it was so far away for me, and wondered if I could ever, or how I’d ever do something like that. 


Today, I really wanted to share a story, along with this very emotional (unfiltered) moment from my video diary yesterday incase it might serve you on your journey.


8 weeks ago I did the beta launch for my Anxiety Schmanxiety program.

I was so scared during the months leading up to and even the first few weeks into it. And so often I was tempted to just abort the whole thing and curl up into a safe little ball and hide from life.


I knew what I was sharing would work. It had profoundly changed my life and the lives of many other clients, and every piece of it was supported by science.

But I didn’t know if it could work in such a short time frame, to address such a big issue and how the group format would unfold. 

How would they receive it? How would I be leading a program like this? Could I do it? Could I really do it? The truth is - I didn’t know... 

Doubt doubt doubt. Fear fear fear. As there always is. Who are you to do this? What if no one signs up? What if you fail? What if you look stupid? And the worst one - What if you find out it doesn’t work? What then? 

But I was so connected to the intention for the program:

  • To empower people who have been disempowered by anxiety, and society’s narrative of it.

  • To show them how immensely beyond incredible they are.

  • To get to the root cause and give them the tools and support for real change, so they could lead happy, fulfilling, joyful lives that they’re proud of and in control of.

It was the most important thing to me. 

And I just knew deep down inside, this is what my next step was. I knew it in my bones. And if it’s one thing my journey has taught me, it’s to trust that divine compass in us all. 

So - I asked the universe for a group of 20 people to take this beta journey with, I trusted it would provide. I stepped up and did what I needed to. And in its ever glorious way, it brought together 20 of the most INCREDIBLE souls I could have ever dreamt of. 

And... Yesterday I had our final call for this 8 week beta cohort. And:

  • To witness and share in the transformation in these amazing people’s lives

  • To see them become a version of themself they’ve fallen in love with

  • To hear from them about how much they’ve changed and how happy they are within themselves.

  • And to see the POWER in them from the clarity they now have...

.....  was just everything to me. 

And finally .... to get this email yesterday (below), was by far one of the most rewarding experiences ... OF MY ENTIRE LIFE.

So I took a short video diary snap shot to capture what I was feeling in the moment (also below). 

And now, I’m ready...... with a calm inner confidence and excitement to launch the program in January on a larger scale, with so much enthusiasm and joy for the people who will join it - having released that fear and doubt. Having settled into a deeper trust in this journey through this experience. 

I wanted to share incase you’re holding back or afraid to do something your heart is calling you to. I’ve been on this journey toward meaningful work for over 7 years and I’ve seen so many people doing so many incredible things. And I wanted to too, but I felt that it was so far away for me and wondered if I could ever or how I’d ever do something like that. 

It took time, but every day I made a little progress. A little step forward in the right direction. Sometimes it was a winding road, but it was a forward motion none the less. 

And then yesterday receiving this testimonial, and witnessing the difference in people - seeing them feel empowered, in control, lighter, happier and enthusiastic about their lives, especially considering how different that is from how they were when they started - yesterday for the first time I felt.... 

I ... CAN ... DO... THIS. I WILL do this.

So if you’re doubting, just start with your baby steps, just keep pushing forward, keep following your intuition finding joy in every step of that journey and then one day, you will have that moment when you’re like Wow! I can really do this! Let’s gooooo baby!!! And you’ll be sharing a story just like this! 

So very much love for your journeys. Thanks for always being such a source of support for mine!

If you'd like to join the next cohort, I'd be honored to take this journey with you. As a Christmas Gift to yourself, if you join us before December 26th, I'm happy to gift you 50% of the enrollment plus an exercise and a group call to help you get immense clarity and momentum to make your 2020 your most memorable and fulfilling to date!

If you're interested, email me krystal@krystalchong.com or message me on instagram @krystalchong. You can find out more about/register for the program here AnxietySchmanxiety.com

So very much love.

Xo Krys 




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