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Anxiety to Fulfillment - This real life story

Hey there lovely

If you’re feeling:

  • Fed up with your overactive stressful mind.

  • Like you’re craving a more fulfilling life.

  • Like you’re feeling stuck but want to move forward.

This podcast, I just did - “I Just Can’t Live In My Crazy Mind Anymore - Now WHAT?!” is here EXACTLY at this moment in time for you.

If it’s feeling like alignment - follow it!

I find there’s a stage on the journey from going from feeling anxious to feeling fulfilled, when we have lots of questions, lots of doubt, lots of frustrations.

And sometimes the best approach to that is to listen to something that feeds your mind and speaks to your soul to get you moving in the right direction versus spinning around in the same spot.

This podcast episode will:

  • Fill you up with hope and show you what’s possible for you.

  • Show you the way forward.

  • Make you excited instead of scared of that journey.

  • Make you feel deeply understood.

You can find the podcast episode here on Spotify or Apple Podcast. Or if you have neither of these, you can listen directly on Jess’ podcast here, it’s Episode 79!

I know we're often strapped for time. So you can listen to it on your commute, during your work out, while cooking dinner, while having a bath, while folding laundry!

And you don’t need to use any extra time, for something that could completely change the trajectory of your life! When you give it a listen, immediately after pls message me and let me know what’s coming up for you! @krystalchong

If you want to go on a bigger listening journey after that - check out my audio book “What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do With My Life” - it’s inspired thousands of people to move toward mental wellness and a meaningful life, while making them laugh and feel hugged at the same time! (Check out the reviews!).

"Finally I found a self help book that is unpretentious and relatable yet full of practical wisdom. I recommend to anyone who's ever asked the question "What the Hell Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?"

"Witty, funny and entertaining, Krystal has a real talent for discussing serious things in a light non threatening way. Once you start, you will not want to put it down!"


Make sure not to miss any of our free live events or inspiring tips!



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