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3 Important Manifestation Lessons (From Newly Engaged Client)

Oh my gosh

My beloved client and friend just got engaged and IM JUST ELATED FOR HER!

And her story has been so inspiring that I wanted to share 3 take home lessons from her journey with you!

(Shared in detail in the video below but below the video there’s the high level summary).

1. If you’re not feeling elated and in love with your life - girl - there’s more!

Don’t talk yourself out of what you want bc of fear of disappointment or of going out of your comfort zone you will rob yourself of the levels of joy and fulfillment that make life so worth living!

What is life if not to experience it’s incredible magic!

2. There will be blocks, there will be things to push yourself through on that journey but if you are open do the work - oh my gawd - what awaits

3. It is one of THE most incredible moments in LIFE when you sit in an absolutely magical moment (like a proposal from your soul partner, WHOM you’ve manifested … with your loved ones around and feel over whelmed with love).

They feel like REAL life magic, and are the experiences that make life worth living (not just with an engagement but with everything your heart desires when you experience it in reality)

AND the best part is that you sit in that moment realizing YOU created that magic!

You tapped into a source higher than yourself that guided you, you pushed through your block and you made this your reality!

It’s amazing bc YOU realize that YOU are magic!

And then girl! Life is just beginning! Hahaha, then you’re like sh*t if I can do this what else can I do!

And the so the journey for a life filled with magic and fulfillment begins!

Now i'd love to give you a little love push here - Share with me what resonates with you from this/or the video.

Or share what you feel resistance around or what’s coming up as challenging for you.

Msg me and let me know and if I have a resource that can be helpful I’m happy to share!

Sending love, DO NOT IGNORE YOUR SOULS CALLING! That is officially an order! 😂❤️✨😘

And now on that note what IS your souls calling?

Sometimes we know it and sometimes it’s a journey to unblock all the gunk that’s preventing us from being able to see it - but we know deep down inside there’s a life that’s more fulfilling out there!

Do not rob yourself of the fulfilling life you are here and meant to have!

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