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What’s Your Anxiety Super Power? Take the Quiz

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

If you’re short on time, jump right into the Quiz. "What's Your Anxiety Superpower Archetype."

It’s 7 questions and will take 1 minute. You’ll find out:

  1. Your unique Anxiety Superpower Archetype.

  2. Your unique kryptonite (knowing this will be gold for getting you to your next level).

  3. What you're ready for next in order to gain your deepest desire.

I just did a small pre-release and here's what people are saying already about their results:

I’m excited to hear what your archetype is! And if it resonated with you!

So hit reply and let me know here or on Instagram @krystalchong!

At the end of the quiz, there is a special invitation to a private training I’m doing on Dec 9th, on How High Achievers Release Anxiety For Good to Manifest Their Deepest Desires. It’s gonna be sick, so apply to attend!

Your casual Superpower Reminder :):

People with anxiety are not ‘mentally ill,’ or broken or some sub-standard human beings, as much of the medical industry has led us to believe.

People with anxiety have incredible superpowers. We’re:

  • Hyper intelligent. Heeey! :)

  • Incredibly passionate.

  • Super driven.

  • Beautifully creative.

  • Empathetic.

  • Intuitive and so much more.

We’re just not currently using our mind and body in the way it needs to be managed, and so these superpowers are resulting in a side effect of anxiety.


Once you learn how to operate your body and mind, you can really step into those superpowers and release your anxiety. As so many of my clients have done.

P.S I have a very exciting announcement to make tomorrow! So stay tuned!

Take the quiz! Let me know what you get.

If you’d like me to support you on that journey, hit reply and say “I’m ready!” And I’ll share the best way for me to do that.


Krystal and Team.


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