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“I Can't Change. I Can't Have More..”

Ever think: "I want to change, but I just don't know if it's possible..."

We’re on our last limiting belief in this series,

And this is also one that comes up for EVERYONE.

So again, the question is ‘Why is that?’

And the simplest answer is, you will never KNOW you can do something UNTIL you do it.

You’ve felt this way for a long time.

Or you’ve wanted something for a long time without being able to receive it.

So your mind starts to tell you that it’s just not possible.

BUT deep down inside you feel the truth from your intuition - you feel that hope.. that knowing.

BUT that voice inside your head is so domineering it’s just stuck on all the reasons why you can’t change.

All the 'rational' reasons why what you want is just not possible.


Belief is so powerful.

If you believe you can - you can.

If you believe you can’t - you can’t.

Don’t you at least deserve to give yourself the chance to find out WHAT COULD BE.

The incredible thing is that I’ve seen my clients come in with this doubt.

And as they see themselves change, as they see what they want come into their life.... they

stop believing they CANT and they start to explore and are driven by all the possibilities of what THEY CAN.

And that helps them to bring so much incredible magic into their lives.

I want this for you. Whether we ever speak in real life or not.

I deeply want you to live your happiest most fulfilling life.

I want you to experience and KNOW your true possibility.

I want you to feel incredible about the life you're leading and who you are in the world.

I want you to give yourself that chance.

See more on this limiting belief "I Can't Change" in the video below.

I would love to hear your thoughts or questions after you watch the video on this! @krystalchong or respond and email me here!

If you’re over the BS in your head holding you back -Apply here- for the private VIP advanced training that will BLOW YOUR MIND and show you the accelerated and proven way forward!

You'll hear from many people who thought they 'couldn't but realized just how much they 'can!' and how they're tapping into their LIMITLESSNESS and how their lives are changing as a result. P.S We are now at the end of our Limiting Belief Series.

If this has been helpful pls let me know! I LOVE to hear from you!

I have a panel discussion where past clients talk about their experience with working through these limiting beliefs, if you’d like me to send those out - let me know!

It can be so insightful to hear from people who have felt the same way you did but are now on the other side.

Or let me know what you'd like to see more of - what would be most supportive for your journey! Sending so much love.



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