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Trouble Prioritizing Yourself?


Do you find yourself wanting or day dreaming about something but then... thinking this...

“I can’t prioritize myself because xyz..."

And the reasons are always completely justifiable!

Continuing in our Limiting Belief series (beliefs that seem true but hold us back) This is the second most popular limiting belief I see.

So again, let's be open and ready to challenge this week - so it won't continue to hold us back.

This can come up for many reasons:

  • Feeling selfish or guilty to put what you want first.

  • Feeling pulled by so many responsibilities you never end up giving yourself what you need.

  • Not knowing what you need. But knowing you don’t feel good where you are. But not taking a step.

This weeks quick 2 minute video is here to give a different perspective to this thought that’s been holding you back from the life you want to have and the version of you you want to be.

I would love to hear your thoughts or questions after you watch the video on this! @krystalchong or respond and email me here!

If you’re ready to finally put yourself first knowing that this will:

  • Allow you to be true to your soul's calling.

  • Fill that void you’re feeling.

  • Make you a better person for your loved ones.

  • Allow you to learn how to be in control of your emotions no matter what.

Apply here for the free training that shows you the accelerated path to this! Or hit me up with any questions! You want to be happy about the life you created at the end of it! Let's break our of this NOW!


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