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“Now is Not My Time..”

My sweet

When I meet people, they usually have 3-4 out of 5 of the Limiting Beliefs I’m sharing with you in this series.

However, when someone is feeling called to change, and they’re ready to take a step forward - this thought ALWAYS comes up to beat them back down and keep them stuck:

“Now is Not the Time.”

This is one of the limiting beliefs that is ALWAYS there - for everyone I speak to.

Why is this?

Such a great question and the answer can be very illuminating.

When you’re ready to make a change, to move in the direction of what you’re wanting - Your ego jumps up and screams NO!

Your ego’s primary job is to keep you comfortable - to keep you away from discomfort at all costs.

BUT growing, evolving and bringing more into your life will always come with discomfort.

It will also come with incredible happiness and fulfillment and joy and a sense of accomplishment! Ofcourse!

And you will be so proud you did this and for what you will then have in your life.

BUT before you take that step - you get the biggest rush of fear or being our of your comfort zone and your mind rationalizes all the ways it could go wrong.

And so it makes up justifiable stories about why "Now is not the right time" so you put it off.

The problem comes when we keep doing this. This can go next month, next year, until your whole life has passed you by. That's my biggest concern with this limiting belief.

So I want to share two quotes and this weeks video with you on this:

“If you want something you haven’t yet gotten, you will simply have to do something you have not yet done.”

“What if I fall? Oh but my darling - what if you fly?!”

After you watch this - I want you to take a deep breath - put our hands on your heart and say these words out loud: “It is my time. And I am ready for the next step.”

If you’re feeling so ready to take this next step - if you’re feeling ready to own this moment right now - Apply here for the free training that shows you the accelerated path to unblocking yourself from what you truly want!

P.S We are almost at the end of our Limiting Belief Series.

I have a panel discussion where past clients talk about their experience with working through these, if you’d like me to send those out - let me know!

It can be so insightful to hear from people who have felt the same way you did but are now on the other side.


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