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How Anxiety Affects Self Confidence

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Hi again, so glad you’re here with me for this question.

As over thinkers we can often beat ourselves up pretty badly. We can be so aggressively critical of ourselves. Going over and over in our heads what we’re not, what we’re bad at and how we’re failing and comparing ourselves to others.

Poor us!

We do it because it some ways it can serve us - we see it as constructive - thinking of how to improve and focusing on becoming better. And that’s true and that's great!

BUT when we’re only focused on that it can give us a false negative perspective of ourselves. And that can lead us to doubt ourselves and lack confidence, which holds us back.

I’d love to instead invite you now to rebalance that perspective of self so we can come to one that’s true - which we are deserving of - and which also serves us to build us up and help us on our journey!

Did you know that in my work and research I’ve found that people who struggle with anxiety - it’s actually because they have really incredible superpowers?

Things like:

  • Hyper Intelligence

  • An incredible drive

  • They’re super passionate

  • Beautifully creative

  • Extremely empathetic

  • Very intuitive

This is the first and most important step in the LUMNA and Anxiety Schmanxiety method; shifting from an ‘illness’ to a superpower perspective! Seeing yourself for the incredibly special and gifted person you really are.

**I’d love to invite you to your weekly moment of powerful self reflection right now: I know it can be hard to give ourselves a pat on the back. It can feel uncomfortable, we’ve seen ourselves in such a negative light for so long it can feel untrue. But right now, I want you to treat yourself and you’d treat someone you love. See yourself in a true and balanced light. Which of these superpowers above do you deserve to give yourself credit for?

Hit reply and let me know! It can be hard to admit them to yourselves. But doing so is the first step to being fair to yourself and stepping more into those super powers and growing in confidence. Push a little more out of your comfort zone and share them with me so I can hold that space of growth for you! You deserve to be acknowledged for the amazing and special person that you are!

Big, big hugs!



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