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I’ve got a question for you.

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Hi there!

I’ve been thinking of how I can best support you on your journey to releasing anxiety and thriving.

AND! I’ve decided to start doing a weekly blog post with useful information for you.

BUT I’ve got a question for you! I’d love to know what topics you’d like me to cover so I can tailor this to what would serve you best.

So leave a comment and let me know any questions around anxiety you have that I can answer for you! Anything you’re wondering about… Any topic you’d like to explore…

Look out for my blog posts over the next few weeks with helpful tips on anxiety!

Fun note - At the end of each blog post I’ll invite you to ‘a moment of powerful self reflection’ - this will be done through a question to foster more self awareness and realizations. This will help you go deeper on your own journey to uncovering the best version of you.


For those of you who don’t know me:

I’m Krystal, Holistic Anxiety Specialist and Author. I’m also the Founder of LUMNA and Anxiety Schmanxiety - online anxiety programs.

I’ve helped hundreds of people release their anxiety and thrive in their lives.

Why do I do this? Good question!

I struggled with anxiety and depression big time since I was a kid, well into my adult life. And my experience in the medical world of mental health was pretty demoralizing and not that helpful.

It made me feel like a broken, shameful person and the treatments felt like band aid fixes. I never felt like they were solving the problem. I always just felt ‘less crappy’ and that’s not anyone’s goal. I wanted to feel AMAZING.

So, I spent 20 years researching the science of how to solve the problem. And what I found has been so effective that I’ve been off meds for over 10 years and live in a state of nearly 0 anxiety daily and haven’t had a single depression in over 10 years.

When I got to that place, I felt freed from it - and I wanted to share the solution with others like me because I know deeply, the pain of feeling stuck and trapped in the situation.

So I created Anxiety Schmanxiety and LUMNA, online programs to help others transform their relationship with anxiety and thrive. Seeing people come in and go from feeling doubtful to completely empowered and excited about life is by far the most fulfilling experience in my entire life. It is 100% my life’s purpose and gives me gratitude and peace for my journey with anxiety.

Our vision is a world in which the millions of people who struggle with mental health stand tall. They are finally freed from its dark cloud and find their light within where they’re able to illuminate their lives and the world around them.

I’d love to hear from you! Your input helps me create what’s best for you.

QUESTION: What kind of information would you like me to share that would be most helpful for you?

**And now - I’d love to invite your weekly moment of powerful self reflection: What has your anxiety journey been like? And most importantly - what do you want it to be now - going forward.

Putting this in writing helps to make your intentions real and I would love to hold that space for you!

Big, big hugs!



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