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Not enough time to do what's meaningful?

My lovely

I meet so many people at a fork in the road in their lives. An important one.

They’re feeling called to more: a more meaningful, peaceful, authentic fulfilling life.

BUT - They’re feeling stuck.

AND - They’re telling themselves ALL the reasons why they CAN’T have it.

And those reasons seem SO rational and SO true.

That’s what happens when we are very cognitively smart.

Our brain is very very very good at justifying these stories that limit what we can do in this life. And so it’s hard for us to believe anything else could be the truth.

And this keeps us stuck.

It keeps us from the life we're meant to live.

For this reason - I’m doing a weekly series over the next 5 weeks on the most popular limiting beliefs we have that hold us back.

I’m not asking you to believe anything different yet!

I’m just asking you to be open to another perspective.

You’re craving something.

And your mind is holding you back from it.

For the next few weeks let’s suspend our existing beliefs and be open to what else could be true that could help us:

  • Create the life we want.

  • Be the version of ourselves we feel amazing being.

  • Feel empowered, at ease and in control of our emotions and mind.


The first one we’re starting off with is TIME! “I don’t have the time ..”

This one is HUGE.

Here’s the quick 3 minute video on why “I can’t do xyz bc I don’t have the time” - is not really true. And how thinking this is holding you back.

I would love to hear your thoughts or questions after you watch the video on this! @krystalchong or respond and email me here!

If you’re ready to:

  • Gain more time. Have a more spacious life.

  • Use your time more intentionally to bring what you want in your life.

  • Feel more joy and less stress in this limited time.

Apply here for the free training that shows you how to fast track that!

Or if this is not for you, then commit to doing something to put you on the right track. Start now, your time is so precious and limited. I want you to use it so intentionally so that at the end of your life, you can smile feeling at peace with how you spent your life. Sending love.


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