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Try Something New This Valentine's Day…

Alrighty my dearest,

It’s Valentine's Day! And we’ve been seeing heart chocolates everywhere!

But this year I want us to try something new.

Whether you have a special someone or not, this year I want you to use this day FOR YOUR OWN SELF LOVE.

We spend so much time focusing on other people, even in ways we are not conscious of. Doing things they ask of us.. Trying to be liked, trying to be approved of and accepted and not judged.

And we’re not to blame for this, this is a part of our DNA evolutionarily.

But it’s robbing us of our own joy.

It’s robbing us of being able to just be our authentic self.

And the ironic thing is that when we are able to do that, THEN we will have all those things we deeply want.

  • Meaningful connection in our lives.

  • Being truly appreciated for who we are.

  • Shining so uniquely that we attract people who love us so deeply.

  • Feeling incredible in our own skin.

  • Getting the most out of life.

So let’s take a step in that direction TODAY shall we? Here’s how.

Today I want you to do 3 things tied to 3 meals to help you prioritize yourself!

  1. BREAKFAST. (5 mins) I want you to write a love letter to yourself. We’re constantly focused on what we are NOT, in order to fix it to try and be better. But we develop a negative self image if this isn’t balanced with appreciating what we are. Write a love letter to yourself sharing at least 5 things that make YOU truly unique and special.

  2. LUNCH TIME. (5 mins) I want you to stop limiting yourself with doubt. Stop killing potential before it begins with fear - worrying about negative outcomes that keeps you stuck. Put those fears on hold just for one day to allow yourself to be open to possibility. Journal on what you’d want to bring into your life using this prompt, “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” Don’t worry about the how yet, just allow yourself to be open for this moment.

  3. DINNER. (5 mins). Bathe yourself in abundance to attract more abundance. To attract what you want, you need to be in an energy of abundance, not an energy of lack. One way to do this is to journal on 5 things you truly appreciate about your life right now.

Bonus points if you treat yourself to something that nurtures you. This could be:

  • A bath with nice bath salts.

  • Present time with your kids without a phone.

  • Making yourself a delicious nurturing meal.

  • Maybe it’s a heartwarming conversation with a loved one sharing what you’re both grateful for with each other.

It would make my day to hear how this went for you! And any realizations or thoughts you had! Pls share them with me by replying here or messaging me @krystalchong.

AND - If you’re feeling ready to explore that possibility, so you can live your happiest, most fulfilling life AND be the best version of you for your loved ones - Apply for the free training here that shows you the most efficient, proven, supportive path to doing just that!


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