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What is anxiety? How do I know if I have it?

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

Hey, hey!

So! “What exactly is anxiety and how do I know if I ‘have it’?” - I get asked this question a lot.

Anxiety is the feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event of something with an uncertain outcome.

Of course, to an extent, anxiety is a normal, natural part of life and happens to everyone situationally.

When it becomes a problem is when you’re in that state most of your time. Or when these thoughts or feelings are causing issues in your life, with relationships, with your relationship with yourself or with your goals for example.

But I'm not big on labels and a different way I prefer to look at it is this ---> my clients often say they’d like to feel more peace and calm and more control over the way they feel. And I prefer to use this approach.

If you’d like to feel more at ease and approach life with a feeling of more clarity and empowerment then it’s good to work on how you’re using your mind - which will also release anxiety.

This will help you to be in control of the way you feel, and use your mind to work FOR you, instead of your mind working against you. This is why I am such a big advocate of an approach that gets to the ROOT of what’s causing your anxiety - because only then will you be able to optimize that big beautiful mind of yours.

***And now - I’d love to invite you to your weekly moment of powerful self reflection: How are you currently using your mind? Is it helping you achieve your goals and bringing you more happiness, or is it holding you back and amplifying stressful situations? Journal about an example to go deeper.

Think honestly on this. Hit reply and let me know your thoughts. I love hearing from you and often sharing things with someone else helps motivate you for change! I’d love to hold that space for you.

Sending love!



P.S. *I do have to say here that I’m not a doctor, and this should not be considered a diagnosis. If you’re wondering about this, you should see a medical practitioner as part of a complete approach.


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