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Free Masterclass on 5 Steps to Naturally Conquer Anxiety and Thrive In Your Life!

Learn How to Naturally Conquer Anxiety and Release Your Super Powers!


Meet Krystal

Entrepreneur, author, mom 

and motivational speaker.

Hello! I’m Krystal, your friendly, neighborhood, holistic anxiety specialist and founder of Anxiety Schmanxiety. 

I’ve done all the research (20 years worth). I’ve tried all the methods. And now my life’s work is about sharing a hybrid of the best practices that got me off meds and took my anxiety from a 9 down to a 0, and gave me complete control of my mind and life.  


• Change the public narrative on anxiety and mental health from one that is debilitating and depressing to one that is uplifting and empowering!

• Provide natural solutions to help you get complete control of your anxiety. Solutions that deal with the root cause of your anxiety and not just the symptoms. Natural solutions that stand on their own or work as an excellent compliment to meds.

 • Give you back control of your mind, so you can use all of your mind and energy to create the beautiful life you’re here and meant to live!

Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe that.

C. Assaad

"Learning from Krystal really put a positive spin on things that I’ve never experienced from any counselor or doctor. Krystal's program truly changed my life for the better and I don’t think of anxiety as a life sentence any longer."

-Ava Wilson

The Book

“Finally I found a self-help book that is relatable and unpretentious, yet full of practical wisdom! I recommend to anyone who’s ever asked the question “What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?”

My Method

Start Your Journey

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Complimentary workshop: 5 steps to conquering anxiety naturally, so that you can thrive in your best life!

"In just 8 weeks, this program did for me what 10 years of therapy couldn't do!"

- Sharene Mamby

Try my Meditations for People Who Hate to Meditate!

Hate Meditating?

"Anxiety Schmanxiety liberated me from my anxiety. This journey has been incredibly rewarding and I cannot thank Krystal enough for what it has done for me."

-Vannessa Blackstock

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