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I broke down last weekend..

Last weekend was emotional.

It was like every difficult emotion, every trauma from the past, every painful heart break came up all at once for me to process.

And WOAH was it INTENSE. (Apparently alot of people felt this emotional intensity last weekend)

To channel the emotions I wrote a poem that I wanted to share with you, incase it helps you feel less alone, more understood and more supported with whatever you're going through. (Hugs).

You can read it here. LIFE IS COMPLICATED - Written poem.

Or watch the video recording of it here.

I spent Friday almost in a catatonic state processing lots of things that I needed to process to move into a new stage of my life. My traumatic birth, childhood bullying that created patterns now, releasing the pain of a past failure that gives me lessons now and much more ha).

I spent Saturday integrating, making sense of everything and letting the realizations come up.

And then I spent Sunday having meaningful conversations and enjoying new inspired energy and clarity around things. And feeling truly excited and grateful for the lessons learned.

But man LIFE IS COMPLICATED. And I hope what came up for me in the journaling offers you some healing and perspective as it did for me.

And if you'd like support with learning how to process things so that:

  1. They don't stay inside you making you act out in ways that don't serve you or those around you.

  2. They don't need to be painful or drawn out to process.

  3. You feel good, knowing how to process tough things and gain empowering realizations from them.

  4. You move forward releasing that heavy energy and embodying pumped up energy with the clarity on moving forward.

Then you'll definitely want to consider a journey on learning to operate yourself so you're using your mind and emotions FOR you instead of them working against you. For more information apply for the free training here that shows you the accelerated process to this.

I would absolutely love to hear your thoughts when you read the poem i've shared here!

Let me know @krystalchong.

Sending you so so much love for the complicated things that are about to become incredibly beautiful.


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