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Transcend Anxiety.   Embody Your Highest Self.   Manifest Your Deepest Desires.

  • Drained emotionally. 

  • Paralyzed by fear or self doubt. 

  • Overwhelmed but have no time to take care of yourself? 

  • Frustrated you might be holding yourself back but unsure of what to do?

Do you feel like you’re running on a treadmill to keep up with your life, and yet not feeling the fulfillment you want? 


I know your pain. You are in the right place my love. Change has already begun for you, that’s why you’re here.

Are you feeling:

Meet Krystal

Founder of Anxiety Schmanxiety, Holistic Anxiety Specialist, Anxiety Conqueror.

Krystal Chong

Krystal Chong is a holistic anxiety specialist, author and founder of Anxiety Schmanxiety and LIMITLESS, modern mental wellness programs. She helps big hearted over thinkers release anxiety at the root so they can truly thrive in their lives.


Using the method she developed, her clients report on average taking their anxiety from a 9 to a 2 in 8 weeks while having fun in the process and the results improve with time. She's helped hundreds of clients transcend anxiety, become their most authentic self and learn how to use their active minds and big emotions to bring what they want into their lives.


Krystal was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder as a child but found the medical system to be unhelpful and demotivating. She spent 20 years doing a cross section of research in neuroscience and spirituality, this led her to finding the solutions that allowed her to take her anxiety from a 10 to nearly 0. She’s been off meds for over 9 years and hasn’t had a single depression in over 10 years. These are results doctors told her was not possible.


Formerly the CMO for a publicly traded company, she understands the unique challenges high achievers face and specializes in high functioning anxiety.

The One Thing You Should Know

About Your Anxiety

Close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are, let go of any part of you that doesn’t believe that.

C. Assaad

"Learning from Krystal really put a positive spin on things that I’ve never experienced from any counselor or doctor. Krystal's program truly changed my life for the better and I don’t think of anxiety as a life sentence any longer."

-Ava Wilson


The Book

“Finally I found a self-help book that is relatable and unpretentious, yet full of practical wisdom! I recommend to anyone who’s ever asked the question “What The Hell Am I Supposed To Do With My Life?”

Our Method

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Start Your Journey

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LIMITLESS: For high achievers ready to transcend anxiety. Step into their highest selves. Manifest their highest lives.


"In just 8 weeks, this program did for me what 10 years of therapy couldn't do!"

- Sharene Mamby

"Anxiety Schmanxiety liberated me from my anxiety. This journey has been incredibly rewarding and I cannot thank Krystal enough for what it has done for me."

-Vannessa Blackstock


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